Take this 1 minute quiz to find out if your child is 
ready to start their LEARNING to READ journey!
Does your child know most of their letters and sounds?
Yes, they are rockin it!
Almost there, need a little fine tuning
Just getting started on phonics
Information About The Author of This quiz:
I'm Amy Nielson and I've worked with dozens of children across multiple classes and grade levels. While teaching, I was given the reading program that the school had been using for 20 years, and the kids didn’t like it.  I tried to be as fun and engaging as I could, but I kept finding  my students really did not like it and were not enjoying learning to read. I even had a little boy cry because he was so frustrated. I decided there had to be a better way to teach kids to read and made it my mission to create a system that make kids excited.

With the help of educators with over 40 years of teaching experience, I developed a better way to learn to read. Using a phonics based approach,  kids will become master readers, learning to decode complex words all while incorporating  play using playdough, blocks, cars, and other toys they love.  
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