Hey there, Preschool Teacher.

Get Planned-for-You themed preschool units, hands-on centers, and fine motor activities for your weekly lesson plans.
  • Save Time: You don't have to re-create the wheel. Let us do some of the planning and prep work for you.
  • ​Save Money: You don't need to spend $100-$200 in fonts and clipart to make great activities. We've already found, bought, and used the cutest stuff that will engage your little learners.
  • Save Stress: Looking for activities for a variety of learning levels? These activities are easy to differentiate for your kids.
Does this sound like you?

You're tired

of spending hours and hours of your evenings and weekends on Pinterest trying to find fun, cute ideas you have to put together for your preschool class.

You're stressed

trying to come up with engaging activities that cover all of the skills you're required to teach.

You're stuck

feeling like you keep seeing the same things and want new fresh ideas that are engaging and easy to differentiate for a variety of interests and learning levels in your classroom.

What would change for you if you...

...no longer spent hours a week scouring Pinterest, and instead you had instant access to hundreds of pages of teacher-loved, viral, preschool fun planned and designed for you every month? 

...your classroom was filled with child-loved activities - cute, themed activities that cover all of the basic preschool skills you are required to teach?

...you had a HUGE variety of activities each month, so that you could easily differentiate for various skill levels and the individual interests of your students?

My guess is that you might love your job more. You might have more energy both in the classroom and at home with your family. You might be able to use those hours you save each week to spend more time on yourself, your health, and making memories with the people you love.
And the best part is… It can happen for you sooner than you think!

Hi. I'm Amy -

Eighteen years ago an energetic, creative, sobbing 5-year-old boy inspired me to rethink the way we teach children.

He made me realize that there had to be a better way, that learning shouldn't have to be boring, forced, and awful.
In the years since, I've helped over 100,000 teachers and parents like you make learning rediculously fun for their kids.

I want to help you do the same thing.
You can now use the EXACT activities I use that have been viewed and loved by tens of millions of parents and teachers around the world.
You don't have to come up with all new ideas or re-create the activities. You don't have to spend $500-$1000 a year on amazing clipart and fonts. I've done all of that for you.
All you have to do is open the units each month, print your activities, and get started.
Simplify your preschool planning and save time

As a mom of 5 kiddos and a previous preschool teacher and reading specialist, I am a HUGE supporter of teachers.

I honor the time, love, and energy you put into your job each week, educating and inspiring the next generation of creatives, academics, and world changers.

What you do is AMAZING, and my goal is to not only help you be incredibly successful at what you do, but to also LOVE your job.

Each month I give our Preschool Members some of the most-popular, most-viewed and shared preschool activities out on the internet today.

You can have those exact activities in your classroom to use with your students, every single month.

And, I've already designed them all for you and put them together in themed units to fit smoothly and easily into your lesson plans.

Sounds amazing, right?
" I’ve been a public school educator for 15 years. Then I had the opportunity to be a stay-at-home educator, so I jumped on it. I was spending 10-12 hours a week, researching themes, ordering library books, shopping for materials, and prepping hands-on activities for my kiddos. After a year and a half, I stumbled upon Planning Playtime. It has cut my prep time down 75%. "
-Lisa J,  Rhode Island
  • 3 AMAZING PRESCHOOL THEME UNITS​- Themes like our best-selling 5 Senses, Community Helpers, and Weather units mixed with fun seasonal units like Apples, Fall Leaves, Winter Snowman, and Spring Bugs. ($22.50 Value)
  • MONTHLY NO-PREP PRINTABLES (THEMED) - 25 pages of the cutest no-prep printables out there. These sets are packed with tracing, shapes, letters and numbers practice. ($3.75 Value)
  • BONUS FREEBIES - We surprise our members every month with extra bonus freebies like our teacher-loved Counting Mats or Letter Find and Count activities. ($3.50-$8 Value)
  • EXCLUSIVE MEMBERS GROUP - Get access to our exclusive members group where we share easy prep activities with items you already have on hand and tips and tricks to make your lesson planning easier. ($10 Value)

Normally you would pay over $500 to purchase all of these activites, printables, and community for the full year.

If you are accepted into the membership you get them all for just $18.99 a month.

" The time it takes to lesson plan has reduced by more than half and it's incredibly easy to prep for the month. My son absolutely loves Planning Playtime activities! He eagerly pulls out activities after pre-k3 so he can have fun with learning. I'm amazed at how much he loves to learn! Thanks so much Planning Playtime! "
-Lovie A,  New York
"...Can't believe how much you get!"
"...Incredibly easy to use!"
"...So fun and engaging!"
"...Will be using again this year!"
What if you want to cancel?  
My goal is to make your job easier, help you love it more, and make sure your kids are jumping right past those progress goals you've set for your class.

If this membership isn't saving you hours of time, lots of stress, and helping your reach those goals you can cancel at any time. 

We want to make that easy for you too, because the truth is our whole goal is to make your teaching life simpler, more fun, and enjoyable.

Come see why teachers are raving about our products.

Join the Planning Playtime preschool membership, and you'll get 50+ activities for just $18.99 a month.

limited availability - act now  
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Your offer to join will expire in 72 hours.

If you do not sign up in the next 72 hours, you will be unable to join until open enrollment which only happens a couple of times a year.
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